Why Aluminium Battens Are The Best Choice

Why Aluminium Battens Are The Best Choice

To help you choose the right cladding for your projects, we have identified key differences between a genuine wood-grain cladding product and an aluminium-look, powder-coated wood-grain cladding. Timber alternatives, such as wood-look aluminium battens, might suit you if you are looking for a low-maintenance, durable product that will stand up to various Australian conditions. Depending on what you are going for, using wooden battens can ruin the aesthetics of your project or house.

Compared to real wood, one of the most appealing features of aluminium joists is low maintenance. Aluminium sheeting and battens need little maintenance when compared with wooden facades.

Whether you opt for aluminium siding which looks similar to wood, or aluminium cladding with cladding, there are many benefits of choosing aluminium. Whether you opt for aluminium siding that looks like timber or aluminium batten frames, there are a number of benefits.

When used for boards and battens, the steel can be different colours and is textured so it looks similar to wood. Side-by-side, steel is a stronger alternative than aluminium for the sides of boards and battens. Both these products are made from metal, and steel offers greater strength compared to aluminium.

When the time comes for an upgrade from wooden siding or board-and-batten siding, steel siding is a better option. In most cases, homeowners can save time and money by choosing steel siding instead of aluminium board and batten siding. Aluminium board and batten siding are considered to have a stronger, long-lasting exterior compared to real wood siding, however, it is still inferior to steel.

Board and batten siding can be time-consuming to install: There are a large number of boards and battens to be installed with this siding, so you need to ensure that it is installed correctly. The issue with board and batten siding is something that may get overlooked, depending on your budget and how fast you want your siding installed. Modern materials, such as metal siding in a board and batten design that is prefabricated, offer more protection from the elements, and they avoid a lot of common problems encountered with real wood siding.

All metal siding systems are low-maintenance, provide complete protection from the elements, and are extremely long-lasting. Aluminium cladding is light, yet also highly resistant, which is why the hand-laid, crane-assisted movement of aluminium systems is generally easier than other materials.

While aluminium cladding has higher strength-to-weight ratios than steel, cost factors often lead to panels being too thin for the environment. While an aluminium roof is a great choice to resist rusting in salty, coastal regions, its durability factor may be far lower than that of other materials.

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Steel is the material used most often, making it both cheaper and more accessible as a metal roof option for homeowners and commercial buildings. For the variety in use, availability, and cost, as well as for the durability it provides, steel is the Jeep Wrangler of roofing options. Download our Board & Batten Buyers Guide today and explore a wide selection of wood-look boards and battens built from top-quality steel.

Austratus experienced teams can build your aluminium boards and acoustic ceiling tiles to your specifications, with any one of 30 timber-grain finishes. Our timber-look, natural aluminium joists covered with an innovative, easy-to-install concealed fixer, provide combustible solutions, with a range of profiles and colours. Suitable for a wide range of applications, Sculptforms wood-finished aluminium joists are economical, quick to install, and offer a range of colour options.

Sculptforms Aluminium Click-on Battens are available up to 150mm deep, offering a suitable alternative to timber block battens for cladding walls or ceilings. Aluminium Battens and Cladding generally weigh significantly less than wood alternatives, thanks to the hollow form of the battens and reduced thickness of the Cladding Boards.

Whether you are looking to enhance your property’s insulation, or incorporate aluminium battens into a new architectural design, Austratus has you covered with the aluminium battens cladding that you need. These fire-rated battens can be installed as part of either a wall or ceiling configuration. Acoustic backing panels can be integrated with a system, providing an effective acoustic solution, but also replacing the need to plaster over the walls and paint over aluminium ceiling cladding, saving time and money.

Timber-look aluminium is an excellent option, which brings the best qualities of both of those options in one smart new solution. Choose from a wide selection of powder-coated or anodised finishes, or go with the natural-looking woodgrain – all the styling of wood, and all the benefits of aluminium. The Decorative Aluminium Cladding Range offers the look of real timber, providing realistic woodgrain looks for claddings and panellings, and unique metal surfaces, while reaping the benefits of aluminium.

Our strong, pre-finished aluminium panels, sheets and cladding systems are 100% aluminium, offering a low-maintenance, compliant, and secure solution. Full Project Completion WOODonAli takes care of the complete Woodgrain Aluminium, Wood-Look Cladding, Wood-Look Aluminium Cladding & Wood-Look Batten Projects, start-to-finish. No matter what route you take, we work with you from conception to final product, making sure that you receive the warm and welcoming feel of wood-look aluminium without sanding, painting, staining or oiling.

The choice of directly on the deck or in the joists installation will be determined by your unique project needs, existing roof condition and your contractor’s recommendations. As mentioned earlier, direct-to-deck installations are ideal for complex roof designs, which will be complicated by a raised grid with battens.

Batten installations are generally preferred for roof replacements since a 2-by-2 batten grid provides a continuous, flat surface for a new roof. As we have touched upon before, batten installations are a great choice where energy savings are a priority, and for projects where a new roof is installed over the existing one. Fortunately, DECRA metal roofing products are conveniently designed to accommodate both deck-direct or batten installations.

The materials you choose will impact how long the siding of your deck will last, but you can generally expect your siding of board-and-batten siding to last around 25 years, particularly if you opt for vinyl, the most popular type.

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