Turning Offices Into Luxury Coworking Spaces

Turning Offices Into Luxury Coworking Spaces

As defined, coworking offers a means to access specialized office space in an expensive city and exurban markets for a fraction of the price of conventional commercial real estate options. Essentially, coworking spaces provide the benefits of working at an office–such as quiet, dedicated workspaces, access to equipment, and professional communities–to workers who require those services. Coworking spaces provide a variety of opportunities for participation in training, workshops, and collaborative work with leaders from a geographical region or specialized area.

Coworking spaces are flexible, offering professionals the ability to pay for the space as needed. Office space for rent for set periods, which can be anywhere from hours to months. Coworking spaces provide working spaces, which can range from sitting down at a table or in communal spaces, to desks, cubicles, offices, or entire floors of offices.

If you own a garage, an outside shed, a basement, or a loft, the garage can be turned into a very private office as well. Converting any space in your house is important to a productive, effective workspace. With these tips, turning any space in your home into an office will have you working like the CEO in no time.

Give yourself space to breathe and more flexibility in your working environment to be successful using these 6 Fast & Easy Hacks To Organize Shared Office Space.

You will also want to offer enclosed spaces for meetings, to allow the other workers at your shared office to focus. If this is not feasible, consider providing a quiet area for workers to retreat to do deeper work, with fewer distractions. If you have a spare room in the house, this is a great spot to create your home office, and if not, an empty corner, a foyer, or any area of your house that allows you some quiet is fine.

Private workspaces are typically designed for teams of eight and up, and while they are more expensive than coworking spaces, they can offer the same flexibility as coworking spaces, but the privacy of a traditional office. Many coworking spaces are just like any other office space, except that worker come from a variety of companies. Now that the benefits of these spaces are known, larger companies are increasingly leaning toward shared offices at well-known locations, such as our Financial District Coworking Space. 

Medium-sized businesses and larger companies are using coworking spaces in Toronto as satellite offices and meeting rooms. The growth in high-end coworking spaces has created opportunities for not just entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to save money, but for larger, multinational companies that need high-end office space for satellite offices and remote workers. The new trend toward luxury coworking spaces is giving entrepreneurs and their employees the space and resources needed to thrive.

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While rented office space is a major attraction of coworking, these businesses offer other benefits such as community feeling, networking opportunities, and learning experiences. As convenient and flexible as coworking spaces are, a professional setting helps you stay on top of your work while enjoying the benefits that come with working remotely.

Not only will you be exposed to colleagues from your company or organization, but you will also get to savour the atmosphere created by other professionals in the space. With a dedicated community and shared values at your own coworking space, you are always going to meet interesting, talented individuals to share ideas, collaborate, and contribute significantly to one another’s a success.

Coworking spaces address this problem by creating hubs for like-minded individuals to come together, exchange ideas, collaborate, and continue working independently on their projects. The mobile workforce has adopted luxury coworking spaces because, besides providing cheap office space and all of the essential amenities, they provide a community in which like-minded individuals can come together, build, share resources, and network while continuing to grow their businesses. Additionally, some coworking spaces cater to niche interests and industries, offering opportunities to work with potential mentors and collaborators.

Instead of maintaining a large space permanently, members of the coworking community enjoy on-demand, convenient access. Coworking spaces, such as The Square, offer private offices that accommodate teams of up to ten, flexible suites that accommodate teams of up to 20, and business suites, which are completely staffed and designed for teams of 25+. Coworking spaces will often rent event rooms, which can be used for outings and team-building games such as happy hours, office Olympics, professional development classes, or even an all-day retreat.

Freelancers and telecommuters are the two groups that tend to make the most use of coworking spaces, and those folks might be looking for a quiet, structured place to work, particularly if setting up an in-home office is out of the question, or if the conditions of their home are uncongenial for working. In many cases, these employees and teams that are suddenly without roots will turn to coworking spaces to find a dedicated office space and a place for them to collaborate.

With Zoom meetings, remote work, and managing both your personal life and your work life in the same space, the need for creating a real, personal office or workspace in the home has only gotten more essential. Smaller businesses as well as larger ones are now adopting open office spaces, which offer a few advantages over traditional enclosed offices.

In addition to typical coffee, WiFi, and complimentary printing, finding a space that is capable of providing more than these will improve the way you do your job. If you own a company that has some unoccupied office space, setting up a coworking space could offset some (or all) of the costs associated with maintaining the space and setting it up. With monthly fees starting at $200 per shared workspace, the coworking concept provides a cheaper, more engaging alternative to traditional offices.

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